9th September FREE MONITOR TOUR! Explore "Kyotoite Quartier-Latin", a cultural chaos which incubated Nobel prize winners




On 9th September we are doing a monitor tour for a NEW course in Sakyo ward, Near Kyoto Univ. It will not be a conventional sightseeing but would have a feel of going deep into the university area as well as the residential area mingled together.

As this is the monitor tour for investigating the interest of participants, the place we visit may change, but we are planning to see a shrine with a pair of peacock, two confectionaries both very popular among the locals, possibly a tofu shop, vegetable shop and finish with the sake store where we might be able to taste some of good sake.

The fee will be FREE on this day if you participate and tell us freely what you think and feel about our tour. (the costs for eating and tasting are on you if you wish to taste but it is not so expensive, less than 1000 yen maximum)

If you are interested, DO join us on this FREE monitor tour!

Date: Monday, 9th September
Time: 10:00 (finishes around 13:00)
The guide: Wako Kato
The Interpreter:Ayuko Yamaguchi
Meeting Place: Keihan Demachiyanagi st. on the ground floor, in front of the ticket gate of Eiden train
FREE OF CHARGE, but please give us your opinion.
Please contact deepestkyototour@gmail.com prior to participation

Possible Itinerary(subject to change):
-Tanaka Shrine (the origin for Japanese most common surname”Tanaka”, they keep a pair of peacocks)
-Mangetsu confectionary (famous for sweet named “Ajarimochi”)
Ryokujyuan Shimizu (“conpeito” candy confectionary)
Vegan restaurant or vegetable greengrocers
Sake shop (tasting sake)

(we will be taking Eiden train to Mototanaka st. The train fee 200 yen is needed)

We are waiting for you to join us and help us create a brand-new tour interactively!







Gion Festival, one of the three major festivals in Japan, is now being held during the month of July. The highlight of this festival is 32 floats installed in every quarter called “hoko-machi”. Mr. Ito, a researcher on Kyoto culture and 1st grade Kyoto Expert Certicicate holder, will introduce you the wonderful world of “yama-hoko” floats.

This walking tour aims to cover all 32 floats in 120 min, with Mr. Ito’s concise explanation. English translation by the certified tour guide will be given and you will have a full chance to interact with the “living dictionary” of Kyoto culture. Even the residents of “hoko-machi” quarters do not really cover all the floats on foot, so it is a rare opportunity! This walk will be in the morning, relatively cool and pleasant, with less people around. With minimal effort, you will be able to feel a real sense of achievement after walking through. This experience can be a great souvenir in your Kyoto visit!

Why don’t you join us walk in this rally in the festive atmosophere, listening to the sound of “Gion bayashi” music?

THE GUIDE:Mr. Osamu Ito

Instructs on the practice of ” Ochaya Asobi”, the art of indulging oneself in the Geiko-Maiko world as well as giving lessons on Hanamachi pleasure town culture at local further education schools, universities and at touristic industries. Senior special visiting researcher at Institute of Japanese Culture, Kyoto Sangyo University.


 Interpreter: Mie Takei (Government certified English tour guide)

Date : Sunday, 14th July, 10:00-12:00 AM (walking with some breaks)

Meeting Point : in front of Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto

(Friendly staffs will be waiting with the “Deepest Kyoto Tour” flag.)


Maximum number of participants :20 people (First-come-first basis)

Tour fee: 3000yen (insurance included, with full English interpretation)

Reservation:contact deepestkyototour@gmail.com


-Please inform us as soon as possible if you are to cancel the reservation.
-Wearing comfortable shoes and attire is advisable for joining this tour.
-The tour will take place rain or shine. In the case any weather warning (flood, typhoon, heavy rain, etc.) is issued at 9am the tour day, the Deepest Kyoto tour will cancel the tour and inform the participant either by e-mail or the contact number.