1st Feb. Monitor tour! Japanese Carpentry & Traditional Rice Cooking Experience in a Machiya

We are happy to inform you of a great news!

Mr. Yamamoto’s NPO “Machiya All-Round Supporters” along with “Shijo-Kyo-machiya”, the one and only traditional townhouse which still resides on the busy street of Shijo, is going to do the event for promoting Kyoto machiya townhouse. We also participate in this for interpreting on the experience and a walking tour, offering the foreign people a wonderful opportunity to join in this event with NO language barrier! Do NOT miss this valuable monitor tour for a very reasonable price with light meal and FULL experience on Japanese culture, as this event is both a monitor tour and also a subsidized tour by Shimogyo-ward in Kyoto-city!

Machiya Experience with a Machiya Carpenter with Traditional Rice Cooking : Light Meal & 1hr Walking Tour


≪Half-day Experience (4 hrs)≫

◎Full explanation on Kyoto machiya
◎Japanese carpentry experience
◎Traditional rice cooking with “Okudosan”
(firewood kitchen range), light meal included
◎One hour machiya walking tour

Date: Wed. 1st Feb. 2014(AM10:30~PM2:30)
Fee:2000 yen/person(light meal, 1 hr walk included)
Place: Shijo Kyo-machiya
(indicated as ★ on the access map)
Fixed Number:10 people
Reservation & Inquiry: click here!!!
(Please give your name, contact number or address, number of participants on reservation)
The Guide: Shigeru Yamamoto (Machiya Carpenter)
Interpreter: Ayuko Yamaguchi


Host: NPO Kyo-Machiya All-Round Supporters
Collaboration: Deepest Kyoto Tour, Shijo-Kyomachiya
Subsidized by Shimogyo-Ward in Kyoto City