In Collaboration With Piers'n'Peers in Fushimi!


Deepest Kyoto Tour and Piers’n'Peers is now collaborating on promoting Fushimi town to the world!

Piers’n'Peers runs a community revitalization base in Fushimi, Kyoto, which functions as souvenir shop, event plannning company, and local community saloon at the same time.

Fushimi Pier was once a hub port for the canal between Kyoto and Osaka. Being a post town on the major street as well, this place worked as a hangout for countless brave, innovative individuals, who worked for the sake of revolutionary act with their like-minded peers. To commemorate and revive this honourable history of Fushimi, they named our community base “Piers’n'Peers”, under the hope that we can make this place a pier for launching out into an ocean of new Fushimi culture with our peers. There were, are, and will always be warmhearted peers at Fushimi Pier!

Piers’n'Peers was founded in July 2012, on mission for discovering, expressing and finding new context in modern community revitalization of Fushimi. Since their establishment, they keep dispatching various informations from their original point of view, based on Fushimi community.

To start with, they will be giving an event on Fushimi Inari mountain on 19th May!

For details please see our FB Page!