Long Break in Rainy Season

Long Break in Rainy Season


on Kyoto

Summer windbell at machiya

summer windbell at Machiya

It has been announced from the Japan Meteorological Agency that the rainy season in Kinki district has started from 28th May this year. In spite of the announcement 5 days earlier than that of usual years, no real rain has fallen since last Sunday in Kyoto.

Rainy season usually brings affluent waterfall for the growth of rice planted in the rice paddies, whereas scarce rain in June can result in a drought in August, after the rainy season has gone. It is true that fair weather is always better than hot, humid rainy days, but for the sake of rice and other plants I do wish some rain :D

For those of you who are traveling in Kyoto it is a good sign. Please enjoy the pleasant dry days for the time being!(Ayuko)