Yuzu Fruit Squeezing Experience in Hidden Village of Mizuo! (Raye Mao)

Our new intern, Raye Mao, visited Mizuo village and wrote a blog update! Her original version in Chinese and Japanese follows after the English translation.


A simple JR ticket for 230 yen from JR Kyoto Station brings you to Hozu Gorge after the famous Arashiyama station. I got out of the train and a beautiful scenery captured my eye; no wonder, this station was built on the bridge over a canyon!

Boarded a bus twenty minutes on a winding road in the mountain side and we came to the hidden Mizuo village, which is well known locally as “Yuzu citrus village”.Garnishing the peels in dishes, making wine out of juice, or making preserved jam and snacks is the Japanese way of using yuzu.

I personally had a chance to squeeze yuzu juice here. We made pairs for this squeezing process. One person in charge of the machine put yuzu in the machine, while the other person stepped on the pedal. Squeezed juice went into the container placed at the bottom. The waste went into the collection bag. It was a very interesting experience!

Although Mizuo is a small village in the mountains with little population, but they have a very impressive information leaflets in fine prints, containing four brilliant navigation maps. Locals also entertain travelers with chicken hotpots and a yuzu hot bath. They do not promote themselves in great publicity, but word-of-mouth advertising brings a lot of keen gourmet lovers here.

Even the Kyoto natives don’t really know about this hidden village. The secret scenery with wooden houses scattered in the mountains, covered with yellow yuzu trees, was so beautiful and peaceful.
I really hope to visit again if the opportunity allows me, hopefully with my friends.(Raye Mao)