Walk with 8th generation Kiyomizu pottery shop owner

Kiyomizu course:Supported by Kyoto Centre for Community Collaboration


Mr. Takashi Kawasaki

The 8th generation owner of “Totensei Kawasaki” pottery shop.His deep affection for Kiyomizu-Gojo leads to his devotion in various community developmental activities along with his running the shop which has been handed down from generation to generation in Kyoto.
“Totensei Kawasaki”, formally called “KameyaKyokutei”, had been engaged in producing Kyo-yaki pottery for generations from the end of Edo era (the latter half of 19c). The shop premises are Kyoto machiya townhouse, built by 5th generation owner in Meiji period (the end of 19c-beginning of 20c). His shop was awarded by Industry Promotion Section at Kyoto City Industry and Tourism Bureau in 2010.


Places to Visit

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A 8th-generation owner of a pottery shop owner who profoundly loves his quarter where he was brought up guides around the historical quarter of Kiyomizu Gojo, a birthplace of Kiyomizu pottery. His guide includes both historical heritage which resides in Gojo and modern industrial heritage of the ceramics industry! Don’t miss this opportunity!

This tour is supported by Kyoto Centre for Community Collaboration.


Hokoji and Kaneicho(Bell Casting Quarter)
Kaneicho was named after the furnace for the casting of the Great Bell in Hokoji temple.

Fujihira Climbing Kiln(Fujihiragama)
This multi-chambered kiln is 15m long and 4.8m wide with firing chambers as much as 9 chambers located in the center of Kiyomizu pottery quarter.

Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine
This shrine is dedicated for Hachiman deity, the guardian of warriors.

Totensei Kawasaki (pottery shop)
This 130 years old Machiya building dates back to Meiji period (1868-1912), where Mr. Kawasaki runs a pottery shop in. The renovation was done with the subsidy of Kyomachiya Machizukuri Fund in 2006.

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