Delve into Machiya with half-a-century careered machiya carpenter

Shimogyo Course


Mr. Shigeru Yamamoto

He is a master carpenter in Kyoto Machiya wooden townhouse of half-a -century career and also a leader of nonprofit organization ” Kyoto Machiya All-round Supporters”. Born and brought up in Gojo Quarter. Being greatly influenced by his father who was a professional cabinetmaker, Mr. Yamamoto apprenticed in carpentry after graduating high school. Ever since he started his own business when he was 35 years old, he kept renovation and construction of Kyoto Machiya for more than half a century. Along with his carpentry work, he works as a ” storyteller of Kyoto Machiya” to convey the value of culture in machiya, the beauties which resides in machiya, and thus to hand down this precious culture in Kyoto to nexr generation. His book “A thousand-Years Wisdom In Kyoto Machiya Carpentry” has gained a great reputation.

Places to Visit

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Kyoto Machiya! Mr. Yamamoto the carpenter with half-a-century career invites you to his renovation works and a old machiya with full explanation on machiya construction and culture in the quarter as a Kyotoite.
☆Visiting places can vary according to the schedule of the visiting spots.


Gojo area (Gojo paradise) and adjacent area, including entrance to the carpenter’s own renovation work and more.

About “Gojo-rakuen (paradise)”
This quarter was called “Gojo-rakuen” , meaning “Gojo Paradise” . Kyoto Five pleasure town including Gion were mainly for the geikos and maikos who sold mainly their performance to samurai and rich merchants, whereas Gojo-rakuen was a red-light district, mainly for ordinary citizens.

Kikoku-sou (a “Ryokan” inn)
Founded in 1954, this “Ryokan” inn has been attracting both Japanese customers and overseas visitors. This ryokan is made in authentic Kyoto Machiya style, which lets the visiters relax in a tranquil, quiet and traditional atmosphere.

Ashidaya Nakayama Doll Shop in an authentic Machiya townhouse
This established doll shop is founded in 1657, in the beginning of Edo era, which is still in business for more than three centuries at this quarter.

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This is a walking tour which a half-century-career machiya master carpenter shows his construction work on the way, as well as the major history and atmosphere of his birthplace, Gojo. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about machiya and traditional architecture, on which he is a living dictionary. He will talk as an architect of numerous machiya, which include a brand-new wooden machiya inn in a traditional style that was thought to be impossible to build nowadays.

●Please make a reservation 7 days prior to the participation date.

Private tour arrangement is possible according to the local guide’s schedule.

Tour time

pm 1:00-4:00

Maximum Participation Number

15 people


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Meeting Point

Kiyomizu-gojo station(Keihan Line) exit no.4