Delve into Machiya with half-a-century careered machiya carpenter

This is a walking tour which a half-century-career machiya master carpenter shows his construction work on the way, as well as the major history and atmosphere of his birthplace, Gojo. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about machiya and traditional architecture, on which he is a living dictionary. He will talk as an architect of numerous machiya, which include a brand-new wooden machiya inn in a traditional style that was thought to be impossible to build nowadays.

Walk with 8th generation Kiyomizu pottery shop owner

A 8th-generation owner of a pottery shop owner who profoundly loves his quarter where he was brought up guides around the historical quarter of Kiyomizu Gojo, a birthplace of Kiyomizu pottery. His guide includes both historical heritage which resides in Gojo and modern industrial heritage of the ceramics industry! Don’t miss this opportunity!