Discover “Living Kyoto” with the REAL residents!

Over the course of 2 hours, resident guides will invite you into the narrow alleys and passages of little machiya quarters and show you the interior and exterior of classical Japanese machiya townhouse all with full English narration. This is a great opportunity to stretch your legs and explore old Kyoto.
There are three reasons behind our decision to provide these tours.

Firstly, we seek to help the local community and aid in the preservation of machiya townhouses. A part of our profits are donated to the local community, such as the Machiya Community Revitalization Fund, which is run by the Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration, an affiliate organization of Kyoto City Municipal Office.

The second reason is that we believe the most interesting aspects of Kyoto are found in real residents, and that the Real Kyoto is not well represented by famous sightseeing spots. Real Kyoto is the culture which the Kyotoites have accumulated in this city over generations.

The last reason is we think it is important to maintain the quality of guidance given in foreign languages.Qualified, professional English tour guides can help to create interesting walking tours as an interpreters.

These are the ideals upon which we have based our organization. I hope that every one of you find your own tour of Kyoto inspirational, and ultimately join our community to revitalize Kyoto!