Question1:Why do you need a resident guide and an interpreter? Why don’t you do the tour with a qualified tour guide only?


Answer:Our tour is based on a belief that living residents in a city are “intangible tourism resources”. It is a fact that the most interesting guide who has a world of his or her own is not always multilingual, which means that the most original point of view or talent is left unknown for the people who don’t understand Japanese. What we try to offer is a community-based walking tour which is different from the “tourism-centric” tour service provided by any other organizers. Nevertheless, the residents are not professional tour creaters so qualified interpreter-guides work not only as interpreters but also as both operators and creaters, who can work as spokespersons for withdrawing the hidden charm of the quarter by creating a mutual communication between the locals and the participants.

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Question2:Why is the price for the private tour much more expensive than that of the regular one? Can’t you make it cheaper?

Answer:The price for the regular tour is thought to pay for both the resident guide and an interpreter in condition that there are more than 8 participants. Please kindly understand that what we do is for promoting understanding for preservation of machiya townhouse as well as the good communication on the local society, not that of usual travel agencies that only exploit from the community and its heritage. It is true that we do this for nonprofit undertaking but still we should cover for the minimal expense including the personnel expenses, so it is impossible for us to run the tour in the red.

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Question3:Do you accept credit cards?Can we pay by PayPal?


Answer: Sorry,but we accept cash payment by JPY only. If you wish us to do the organized tour for a group, it is possible to pay through Voyagin.

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