Mission of Deepest Kyoto Tour

Our Mission

Broadcast“Living Kyoto” to the world.
We contribute to the revitalization of Kyoto city by dispatching the charm of Kyoto and Kyoto Machiya townhouse multilingually.

Our Main Aim


Brief History

2011 Winter:Started as the fundraising operation for Kyoto Machiya Community Revitalization Fund at Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration (a public non-profit corporation established in October 1997.Entirely funded by Kyoto City)


Privatized in 2012 Summer as Community-based tourism which aims for the promotion of Kyoto revitalization(Run by DKT Executive Committee)

Track Record

 2011.3~5 Pilot test tour
 “Deep Kyoto Tour”
 ⇒Once a month from March-May 2011.

No participants in March, May because of the East Japan Earthquake, 8 participants in May.

2011.8~2012.4:Started “The Deepest Kyoto Tour” as a regular tour

 ⇒Ten regular tours, Five private tours, 104 participants

 ⇒Two TV interviews, One newspaper interview, numerous inquiries from Japanese administration, travel agencies, governmentally certified tour guides, etc)

2012.7~:Privatization(DKT Executive Committee)

 ⇒Six regular tours, Four private tours, 81 participants (2013 Feb. present)

 ⇒NHK Educational programme (DVD), two newspaper interviews, International Student day run by the Kyoto city office, numerous inquiries