Our System

DKT renewal on our tour system!

Deepest Kyoto Tour will undergo a positive renewal!
Five brand-new courses will be added to our lineup to provide you with MORE communication with the local community.

●Walking tours with local residents

  • (NEW)Anatomy of Kyoto city: Follow the change of the old capital with a professional city planner -Mr.Akihiro Yamada (city planner) will offer 2 types of tours.
  • (NEW)Discover the hidden history in Uzumasa Movie town:, Visit Toei Movie Studio Park with a former member of Toei Inc.: Mr. Masanao Yonezawa
  • (NEW)Explore Sanjo Street (“Wall Street in Kyoto” at the beginning of 20c) like a local: See all that this popular market street has to offer with assistance of the Sanjo Street Community Revitalization Committee

●Experiences (Optional)

  • (1)Tea ceremony experience(Mr. Kawasaki, Mr. Ono)
  • (2)Kyoto Machiya Townhouse Experience(with Mr.Yamamoto, or with NPO Shijo Kyomachiya)

    Either (a)Carpentry experience
    (b)Rice cooking by “Okudosan”, a traditional kitchen range using firewood
  • (3)Special tour during Gion Festival month (July; Mr. Yamada, Mr. Ito)

    Other Deepest Kyoto Tour experiences are possible upon request, based on the interest of the guests, and the availability of local guides.

・We will concentrate on providing private tours for small groups. This will enable guests to experience our community-based tours in depth, letting people feel more at home in the Kyotoite community.

Our Major Changes

  • We will concentrate on private tours. (Regular tours on every Wednesday will be suspended)
  • Please make a reservation and pay in advance using Paypal before joining our tours.
  • Please contact us by e-mail if you wish to arrange a tour for a group more than 15 people
  • It is possible to arrange private tours that meet your needs, beyond the tours described on our website. We ask for a coordination fee.

We will perform tours according to our old price and scheduling system until April 23, 2014
After April 24, 2014, our new price and scheduling system will be applied.

Tour price and scheduling system

After renewal
To enroll in our tour Please choose the tour course and inform us with the following:

  • (1)The date you would like to schedule the tour
  • (2)Number of participants
  • (3)Your contact information (mobile, e-mail address, hotel information , etc)
  • (4)Further requests of the tour arrangement

Children younger than 15 years old/free of charge

3 hour course (guided tour+experience+meeting with local people)

Additional options and tayloring your visit possible upon request(with additional fee for coordination)
“Sharing a private tour” It is possible to share your tour with somebody who has already reserved the tour. Please inform us in advance if you want to share your tour, and please pay the deposit fee by Paypal for the number of people you originally registered. Deepest Kyoto Tour will write down the schedule on google calender, and the tour will be open to sharing. The final cost will be determined by the number of guests who attend on the day of the tour. We will confirm the final number of guests and the final tour fee by e-mail within 7 days after the end of the tour. Deepest Kyoto Tour will refund guests excessive fee by Paypal.
  • Please pay in advance by PayPal(with Paypal commission 3.9%+290yen withdrawal fee from the account added to the sum)
  • Reservation needed 7 days prior to the tour
  • Cancellation after payment is possible up to 7 days before the designated tour date. In this case, we refund 80% of the total cost. (20% will be the arrangement cost with the local community.)
  • No Refunds possible less than 7 days prior to the designated date. (80% refund will be done in case of bad weather conditions, or unpredicted events.)
Max.number of participants 15 people (small group up to 8 people is recommended) Please contact by e-mail If you wish to arrange a tour for a group larger than 15 people.