What's Deepest Kyoto Tour

Deepest Kyoto Tour offers a series of walking tours, basically consisting of 2 hours walking within a certain quarter of Kyoto. We started our tours in Kiyomizu-Gojo, and at the moment the tours tend to cluster around that quarter. Nevertheless, we are planning to carry out more tours in other parts of Kyoto city as well. Each tour is guided by a Japanese guide and a professional interpreter ( all government certified guide-interpreters). Our Japanese guides are all real residents of the quarters in which they guide, so they are full of living knowledge of the city. They could be called “living dictionaries”. Each of our skilled interpreters does not only supports and interprets what the Japanese guide is saying, but they also support the operation and creation of the content of the tour as a professional.

Tourists are not necessarily attracted to famous world heritage sites swarming with flag-waving tour guides. What some tourists really want is to connect with the sense of values or beauty that Japanese treasure in human relationships, and consideration through landscape and nature.

When considered this way,everything can be a resource for tourism in Kyoto: for example, Kyoto machiya townhouses and the way of life within the narrow “roji” alleys. The living culture like the food, the tea ceremonies, the study of flower arrangement, traditional craftworks, temples and shrines are all part of everyday life and seasonal festivals. It is the Kyotoite citizens themselves that cultivated and handed down this cultural capital for over 1,200 years. In this sense, it can be said that the Kyotoites themselves are the most important tourism resource, because they are able to display the wonderful culture of Kyoto.

There is a great deal of hospitality to be found in good old Japan, and a substantial new market of tourism is waiting to be discovered. Kyoto people will also be able to learn from their encounters with foreign people, learn reciprocally learn of their own culture in the region and of the Japanese sprit, thus creating a richer culture by through communication and exchange. This is the key to this new form of tourism and international communication

This new form of tourism is only possible through sustainable community businesses, not by a mass tourist industry or by large capital. Based on this concept of community-based tourism, Deepest Kyoto Tour was started in the winter of 2011 as a fundraising operation by the Kyoto Machiya Community Revitalization Fund at the Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration (a public non-profit corporation established in October 1997, entirely funded by Kyoto City) Privatized in the summer of 2012 as Community-based tourism company which aims for the promotion of Kyoto’s revitalization, it is run by the DKT Executive Committee, consisting of local citizens.

Based on a belief that most invaluable tourism resource resides in residents, DKT places importance on broadcasting a “living Kyoto” to the world by government certified tour-guides who support local resident guides’planning and implementation of the tours, thus maintaining the quality of the tour and also removing the language barrier. This system can be bilaterally meaningful to both the tourists and the residents. The participants can feel and experience the charm of Kyoto by communicating with the local people, and the local residents can become aware of that charm which may have been taken for granted, thus allowing them to strive for local revitalization which will enhance that charm.

What Deepest Kyoto Tour strives for is community-based tourism of a completely new style. We try to offer tourists substantial tours which benefit both sides, the interests of which can frequently be a trade-off in many aspects. It is not only to an attempt to rejuvenate the charm which Kyoto once held through the aid of its citizens but also to nurture reciprocal understanding and deep connections through Kyoto’s culture.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in making Kyoto into an even more beautiful city.